There are 3 types of clients—which one are you?

Is it just me or does finding a good therapist feel a bit like the search for finding a compatible partner? Although there isn’t an app to swipe through all of the available therapists within a 10km radius (yet), it feels just as tedious to find a good match. …

“Envy is a nudge towards another sale”

Photo by Athena Kavis on Unsplash

I have a friend who paid 15,000 dollars for a 6-month mentorship (bi-monthly 1–1 meetings) with her favourite Instagram influencer. I have to say, I never used to care much about social media and its many influencers, but this was deeply upsetting. Why did drain her bank account to pay…

I am tired of hearing it is selfish to NOT have a baby

Photo by Mukil Menon on Unsplash

I am writing this because I have never been so conflicted about a major life decision before. I am struggling to conjure up a decision bigger than whether or not to have a baby. The decision as to whether or not to bring another human life into this world has…


I’m just trying to learn as much as I can when I’m here. Student of counselling psych and my many mistakes. Soft-hearted, open-minded, slow-moving.

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